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  • Last night I didn't know whether to believe your assessment or not.

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  • Winning Craps Money"Winning Craps Money"

    My No-Fluff, get-right-to-the-profit, strategies on
    How to Win Money playing Craps - CONSISTENTLY!

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  • Win Paigow Poker Money Win Pai Gow Poker Money

    This is one of the best games to play in the Casino because fully 40% of all hands end in a draw - this means that you can play for hours and hours on a very small bankroll. But, when you get to the point where you want to conquer the game, learn the correct ways to set your hands and become the banker. Here, I tell you everything! I make it an easy-to-understand game so that you can dominate it!


    Baccarat Made Easy

    Moreover, it established in her mind a fact that there existed actually other than selfish reasons for her wanting to see him.

    And what man could hope to rival Drogo, who had died with his hair uncut and rode now through the night lands, the stars his khalasar?

    "Baccarat Made Easy"

    This small book packs in everything you need to turn the intimidating James Bond game into an easy to play, easy to beat, VERY fun Casino game!


    Win Poker Money"Win Poker Money"

    I've written a huge book that covers Poker from every angle. No matter your level of play, you'll learn tips, tricks, techniques and strategies that will teach you how to dominate the Poker tables.



    You can find all of Buzz B Berkeley's Gambling Books HERE


    Las Vegas Guest Guide"Las Vegas Guest Guide"

    I've compiled tips for getting the best deals and freebies. You'll learn how to save money and time from the moment you land at the airport. Your whole stay will be more fun when you know what you're doing. I cover everything inside and outside of your Casino.


    Drive and Save Gas"Hypermiling"

    How to make your car run further on less gas.




    Water 2 Gas Exposed"How to Convert Your Vehicles to Run on Water"

    Here is my review site with 11 different offerings to help you decide on the right conversion plan for you. And you don't have to take my word for it. See what the experts say. Read all the benefits of hydrogen infusion for yourself. There are many videos showing this Gas-Saving Technology in action! You'll get tremendous mileage, improve your engine's performance and get a tax refund of $2000 - $5000 depending upon your vehicle's weight.


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    Whoever had killed Kettrick had also taken the time to eliminate the only witness.

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  • My eyes grew more accustomed to the gloom with every second. We've got vital information to get to the aircraft before he gets out of range.

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